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FUTURECASTER is both a local and international organisation.

Locally (in New Zealand) we have a ‘Household of Faith’ that meets in Albany, Auckland, and in Patea and Wellington who join in via Zoom.  

Internationally, Mike travels bringing God’s prophetic designs and plans to businesses, churches and ministries.

The prophetic dimension is for you today! All over the world believers and seekers in this apostolic season are hungry to have God’s prophetic designs and plans unlocked for their lives, business, church, and ministry. The prophetic office, and the dimensions it releases, are for everybody. It helps you and those you lead with supernatural clarity, direction, wholeness, intimacy with God, order, insight for breakthrough and understanding of seasons.

For 37 years of Christian life and 30+ years of ministry in over 30 nations, I have given myself to the development of the prophetic office with “sense and protocols”. Cherie and I love to empower and release these dimensions to advance the Kingdom. It is about working together with you to enhance your assignments.

It is a fantastic season and hour that we live in! Come with me through this site to see how we can help, you, your church, business, or your Kingdom domain.

Contact us for any further info – we would love to hear from you!

Dr. Mike Weitenberg





Releasing the prophetic office dimensions into churches & leadership 

arrow_light_blue Training emerging prophets & spirit dynamics


arrow_dark_blue Networking apostolic & prophetic ministers


arrow_light_blue Providing prophetic empowerment and insight to churches & business


arrow_dark_blue Webinar based training prophetic seminars


arrow_light_blue Global web community nexus and spiritual resource


arrow_dark_blue Prophetic training institute



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