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Bio – Cherie


CherieW_IH_0018_squareCherie grew up with a solid awareness of God which never wavered through her teenage years. She was involved in Christian leadership through her university years in Auckland where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In 1992 she married Richard West, a promising pilot, and together they worked towards joining Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). They spent a year at Bible College of NZ (now Laidlaw College) in 1995 before moving to the Northern Territory and working amongst Aboriginal people with MAF in 1996. Six years, and two children later, they were asked to move to Papua New Guinea to help MAF operations there. In these regions Cherie exhibited a strong competency to initiate micro enterprises and to initiate basic social development programs.

They had been there nearly three years when unfortunately Richard was involved in a fatal aircraft accident (2005). This threw Cherie and her two children, Larissa ( 8) and Marcus ( 5) into a whirlwind of grief and change, although Cherie had a very deep ‘knowing’ that God had everything under control. They moved back to NZ to be with family and friends, and eventually Cherie studied Business Studies and set up a successful coffee importing and distribution business. She successfully grew this business which funded a number of development projects for the coffee growers in PNG, while providing income for MAF NZ.

After meeting and marrying Mike, Cherie made the decision to close the PNG chapter and focus on new ministry progress together. Cherie worked for the local District Health Board, managing and coordinating volunteers for about 5 years before joining Mike in working with FUTURECASTER.

Cherie operates with a keen wisdom gifting, prophetic insight into people and business process. She has a heart for those who are under pressure, burdened with impossible, painful situations, and who live in isolation without adequate ministry support.

Cherie is passionate to activate people using their skills and abilities to establish God’s Kingdom in the marketplaces of the world. She is a natural “connector” of people to the “right people”. She also is keen to encourage women to excel in ministry. She loves to see people in amazing and fulfilling relationships, while being true to who God made them to be.

Together she and Mike enjoy operating as an exciting team of humorous speakers, and prophetic support in a variety of settings.