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Bio – Mike


MikeW_IH_0103_comp_squareMike grew up in humble beginnings in a rural farm setting in Taranaki, New Zealand. It was an environment where violence and deeply painful experiences of the soul were the norm. It was to be a foundation for the empathy he carries for those in suffering today, and has threaded a passion he has for personal wholeness in leaders. The days as a youth were spent in farm work and mountaineering in the Egmont National Park.

He was heading down a path of destruction and was radically saved from a life of radical atheism at the age of 18 in 1982 by a supernatural power encounter with God. Early on he was called by God, and seemed to walk with an unusual spiritual insight for his age. He attained a successful corporate management career at a young age in the area of industrial fire protection, majoring in the petro-chemical areas.

Mike Weitenberg is a contemporary apostolic-prophet on a journey. He has worked for more than 21 years, in over 30 nations as a proven prophet. He has consistently delivered prophetic diagnostics and predictions that have proven fruitful and accurate.. (Destinies called forth and activated, ministries and businesses prophetically called into being, accelerated into existence, predictions manifested, ministries redefined into apostolic context, serving ministries as a watchman, demonic systems exposed and intercepted, spiritual dimensions altered in territories and organisations). His ministry has impacted churches, ministries, businesses and NGO sectors.

From 30 years of responding to the grace of God, in successes and failures, at times under duress and personal tragedy, he has been commissioned by God, to bring a futurecasting message to some regions of the global church and Kingdom businesses. It is his firm belief that apostolic and prophetic ministers are “to become the message” not just deliver vocal messages. He is passionate about crossing into different cultures and nations. He is a clarion sound to the nations of, reformation, re-alignment, re-ordering of new government to build the nation of God.

He is recognized and verified by apostles and prophets in the body of Christ across several nations. In the earlier seasons of his life he thrived serving senior men of God on the earth such as Dr. Lester Sumrall. He walked a chapter for 13 years as a senior leader of a local church, understanding the requirements and demands to father a local house. During his 21 years in ministry Mike has also proven capable in finance generation for Kingdom exploits. He has navigated the formational trials of suffering and deaths to self in order to be resurrected as a refined voice in this season.

Mike is married to Cherie, herself a long serving missionary in MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in Papua New Guinea and the Northern Territory of Australia, (see Cherie’s bio for her amazing journey) – they have a loving marriage, work as a partnership, a humorous and pretty wild team, enjoy their blended family of four exciting children, and can be seen jet skiing together, attempting to defy the laws of physics.

Mike is people person who loves to hear your story and converse over coffee. He enjoys listening to blues music, jet skiing, 4×4 off-roading, entertaining, ethnic food, travelling, crossing cultures, writing and a bit of technology.