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Global Season


The church is in a massive season of global change. We live in a time of exciting and powerful kingdom acceleration like no other. The church is in a process termed “The apostolic reformation”. This is not a phrase, fable or cliché but a divine restoration and a time where new spiritual architecture is being released on the earth for the finish. It defines our personal state in God and our forward activity in this hour.

It is a move that requires migration. To enter this new season and obtain the ‘Pearl of Great Price’ we need to move on from redundant ministry forms and the plateaus of previous spiritual emphasis and restorations.

Our mandate is to FUTURECAST prophetic designs, and processes that empower the global church and Kingdom entities, to rise above the common pastor / teacher / programming restriction of the contemporary church, to enter their optimum hour.

Simply put, the strongholds of religious limitations, war against spiritual “Sight”. This constraint must be broken through with new revelation and power to allow people to advance. Spiritual sight enables people to enter into new dimensions of the Kingdom. It gives ability to enter the new spiritual architecture on the earth that God is releasing.

It is our core belief that in the current move of God on the earth, Kingdom entities need to be apostolically defined and sent, prophetically charged, aligned, and set in place. To operate as “One man” as a seamless robe on the body of Christ, to achieve the corporate purpose of God in the earth.