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Mike Weitenberg has paid the price to keep spiritually migrating, refusing to camp at one single emphasis of restored truth. Mike recognises over the last 30 years, that he walks upon a road which has been paved with the living stones and sacrifice of many significant contributors into his destiny. He has learnt from direct mentors, and received impartations from books, writings, and learning modules that the Holy Spirit has used. Attributable experiences on the journey that have impacted Mike deeply are from broad spectrum of such ministries as:

  • Dr. Lester Sumrall – Global service, Kingdom impact, Global humanitarian works, publishing and global media , Global perspective, Man of Faith and Destiny (Direct- Mike was a previous CEO of FTH, Australasia)
  • Bishop Bill Hamon – Early foundations of the prophetic ministry doctrine and safety (Writings)
  • Os Hilman – “The Upside of Adversity” -walking through death process into a new day (Writings)
  • Prophetess Jan Painter – activation in the prophetic (Direct)
  • Clark Taylor – School of the Spirit, new creation man realities, spiritual command supernatural insight and the anointing, (Direct- School of Ministry)
  • Prophet Chris Gaborit – Prophetic mentoring and (Direct -School of the prophets)
  • Harley Kolterman, Global operations, spiritual authourity as an apostolically sent ambassador (Direct- one time -executive colleague at FTH)
  • Pastor Kem Price, Governance and doctrine, foundation of love in the church, formation under fire (Direct)
  • Dr. Phil Pringle, The church in context, corporate anointing, The Person of the Holy Spirit (Direct and writings)
  • Dr. John Avanzini, Biblical economics (Direct)
  • James W. Goll, process, purpose and sufferings in the prophetic ( Writings)
  • David McCracken – “Becoming the message” (Direct)
  • Jonas Clark, apostolic writings and spiritual authority
  • Dr. Jonathan David – Apostolic strategies for nations (Direct)
  • Mike Connell – Authority in the realm the spirit and over demonic powers, personal wholeness (Direct)
  • Martin Steel – Redemptive grace and wisdom operations (Direct)
  • Bishop Brian Tamaki – Apostolic building, Sonship and Kings on the earth (Direct)
  • Dr. Noel Woodroffe – This present apostolic reformation, embracing death processes to enter new spiritual forms (Direct-Schools)
  • Prophet Scott Webster – New Architecture of the Prophetic (Writings)
  • Brent Douglas-Supernatural insight and shifting the realm of the spirit (Direct)
  • Dr. Diane Divett, Refocussing Therapy and Theory, personal wholeness (Direct-schools)
  • Dr. Mike Murdoch – Wisdom, assignments and recovery from brokenness, (Writings)