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Margaret Hewer

MH Update croppedMargaret has walked with God for more than 50 years. She has worked in ministry with Mike since 1995. She has continually excelled as a pastor, teaching the word of God, equipping and building people into victory and strong stature in Christ. As a mother and great grandmother she has navigated some intense dark valleys in life from which she has dug spiritual wells and excelled in faith and showing God in difficult circumstances.

At our eldership and leadership table, Margaret is appreciated for her laser-like prophetic insight and functional solutions, depth in the Word, the gift of faith, a spirit of counsel and gift of wisdom. Over the decades she has traversed several spiritual seasons, restorations and emphases. She has paid the price to stay current and is passionate about building sons in the present apostolic and prophetic move of God.



Karina Hrestoff

KH Update croppedKarina has experience and expertise in a wide range of areas that cover many years. She has worked in ministry with Mike since 1995 in various roles. Her ability to fulfil many roles within the household ranging from musician, intercessor, to elder, have equipped her with a weight of faith and grace, and so much more.

Karina is one who has learnt to walk in the impossibilities of God. Faith has been crafted on the inside of her to allow her to move in high levels of discernment and prophetic insight.

Alongside her role as an elder she also serves as a trustee on the trust board and provides a key leadership role in the Prophet’s global prayer support team.

Karina brings wisdom, discernment, order and insight to the trustees.