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What we deliver


We deliver prophetic ministry flow and impartations to individuals, governing bodies, churches and business in the following settings, in multiple formats:

  • Public – Churches, Meetings, Conferences and Seminars.
  • Consulting to Kingdom leaders in market place settings.
  • Building church community across all kinds of borders to support those at distance to be resourced and access building grace.
  • Partnering with / forming of apostolic and prophetic collegiality and tables. Spiritual fathering, mentoring, and oversight of ministries.
  • Writing resources, E-books / Digital print / portable training devices (USB) with interactive media.
  • Prophetic Training Institute (PTI). Webinar prophetic training.
  • Organisational formation and design, diagnostics and transition assistance / Team Alignment.
  • Collaborating with ministries and networks toward common purpose.

Mike’s M.O. is to open “portals of the spirit world” to help people SEE and access prophetic ability for themselves so as to respond to transactions of God between heaven and earth – as there is no permanent building of a Kingdom nature that can occur in a blind or limited state.

It is said Mike has the ability to take an organisation or teams through a key hole on a journey into a mansion that shows the mind, will and intention of God.

Frequently new “plans by the spirit” (spiritual architecture) are released through encounters with God and the updating, relating and activating that occur.



We have moved on from the previous charismatic and pentecostal emphasis and demand for laying hands on people giving personal prophecies – all this may happen in certain selected settings at our discretion – it is not an operation that we are emphasizing, as we are emphasizing prophetically working with the corporate mind of leadership and the church.

The reason is we want people to access new sight of what God is doing, not based on only individual progression but to enter into what God himself is downloading on the earth and building.

  • We do not operate from the concept of a “guest ministry” superstar making an entry to create a happening, to raise money and ministry profile. Relationship and understanding should be built prior. Thus we are interested in building genuine relationship and sharing a journey to build spiritually and practically together.
  • The emphasis of our prophetic M.O. is “…building apostolic and prophetic dimensions…”



  • We operate from within the context of our mandate and calling as to who and where to. It is our basis of empowerment to operate and build. We should only go where there is a sense of Gods’ connection.
  • Like any ministry we have limits of operating bandwidth – known as measure and sphere (Metron and Kanon) – we are not all things to all people but stay within our measure.


We are focussed on what God is saying in terms of his prophetic substance

  • We engage in new sight, sound frequencies from God in order to build.
  • First globally. Secondly– we seek what substance he is delivering to shift and upgrade churches and businesses so he can show himself in and through them in a powerful way.
  • We aim to empower and activate the revelatory ability of those we work with.
  • There is no one way to delivery revelation, it could be vocally, it could be in a board room setting, it could be in writing, it could be in a diagnostic process, it could be in a design process, it could be on power point, or by setting up discussion interactions.


Relationship is one of our main features. Life flow shifts across relationships not firstly on structures. See our chart below.


It is not possible to stay current with God and yet pacify old patterns and operations. As God moves he requires migration into new shape and form.

  • When God speaks propehticically he provides an entry vector to engage in change and upgrade progress. Primarily this is an access to a person or team of grace carriers.
  • There is no progress without a price a price to be paid.
  • New relationships need to be entered for the new season.
  • You cannot enter correctly until you exit certain lifeless forms and patterns.
  • Building in this season requires thinking outside of pastoral and administration mentalities. Apostolic and prophetic grace must be accessed for new foundations and power to build.

FUTURECASTER is a builder – not just a prognosticator. We are not 1980’s and 1990’s prophets. Building is deliberate, intentional, consistent and measured.


  1. A dissatisfaction of the religious or commercial status quo, a crisis, or a positive quest for a new level of God himself not ministry profile or affluence.
  2. A quest to move from a limited blind state to new levels of sight.
  3. The entry of new revelation, doctrine and grace to build in a new dimension.
  4. Engaging in substantial governing prayer to move upward.
  5. The recognition that certain life forms as we once knew them are now redundant and over, God is not on them anymore.
  6. That God puts new wine into new wineskins (mentalities and structures) the wine is his person and spiritual dimensions where life now exists.
  7. To enter a new and better state, a death process of the current form is likely needed. We do not enter a new administrative or marketing structure but a new level of intimacy with God.
  8. New understanding and sight has to be inculcated into lives, the principal leader, the core, into the community, and lived in values, practices and processes.